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Performing Arts Pavillion set up and break down info

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  • Erlandr Nordenskald
    Forwarded by Erlan... and I am going to add my 7.5 cents (doesn t mean a heck of a lot...) It takes many hands to get the tent up and running... IF you re at
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9 9:11 PM
      Forwarded by Erlan... and I am going to add my 7.5 cents (doesn't mean a heck of a lot...) It takes many hands to get the tent up and running... IF you're at war at the beginning and would like to lend a hand PLEASE consider doing so. :) Many hands does make light work... LOL, get it ... the LIGHTS ... LOL.


      First- I wanted to thank you all again for the response with helping with out the day-to-day and night operations in the Performing arts tent!
      With the tent in full swing most days for classes, rehersals, and performances from 8:30am - 11:00pm; we need many hands to keep the work light and merry! This is the first year we are making an effort to gather the volunteers needed ahead of time rather then waiting until Pennsic
      I'm hoping this will help things run a bit more smoothly over the course of war. Please consider signing up if you haven't already. :)

      Now onto the fun news you've all been waiting for!
      Stage Set Up! Stage Strike! Huzzah!!!

      When you signed up your acts, you also signed on for PA Tent set-up and/or strike.

      Performing Arts Tent Set Up this year will begin Tuesday July 31 at 10am,
      (and could also start the same time the following day depending on what we will still need to get done.)
      This will include: building the stage, rigging the stage curtains, and setting up the light tree, stringing the lights and light cords,
      and (once everything else is in place) setting up the chairs for the audience, and the back stage area.

      Amphitheatre set up will occur on: Wednesday August 1 at 1:pm (unless we manage to get to it on Tuesday)
      This takes a smaller number of people and will include:
      Setting up the gate, and any other items we need in the area.

      As mentioned in the show sign up, PAT Strike is happening sooner this year as a practice run for next year.
      - It will begin almost immediately after the Known World Players performance on Thursday Night of war week (Apx 10:30/11pm)
      and continue Friday morning at 10am, and through the afternoon until we are done with both areas.

      If you can, please bring extra cordless drills to help with the set up and break down of the stage.

      Please let me know if you have any questions?
      This will be one of the last mass emailings before war.

      Thanks again - looking forward to seeing everyone at the war!

      Lorelei Skye
      - Assistant to the Dean
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