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Re: [KWChoir] Pennsic 41

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  • Melanie Hamilton
    Ok I ll throw my hat into the ring on this one. I have 8 children myself (no joke... they range from 5-13). I am working on my background check for my new
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 13, 2012
      Ok I'll throw my hat into the ring on this one.  I have 8 children myself (no joke... they range from 5-13). I am working on my background check for my new posititon with my shire as Youth minster (I had the most children so I won- LOL)  I hope it will be done by Pennisc... it seems to take forever...  Also I have experience in teaching children how to sing.  But most important since I have kids, I want them to enjoy what I love so much.
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      On Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 7:50 PM, Erlandr Nordenskald <erlannordenskald@...> wrote:

      Hello all. Preparations are being made.. music is being reviewed....files are being uploaded......

      This year we are going to try something new.. a Youth Choir. Yup, we're going to do it.
      So, while preparations for that are underway, here are a few things that you... can help us with.

      Doing a children's choir is one way of ensuring that the Known World Choir will continue. So some help will be needed. while the plans aren't set in stone yet we are planning on doing a rehearsal a day for about 40 minutes in the PA tent. while I have volunteered to direct (herd the cats)the children's chorus, I will need help with chaperones. The choir will need to have another 1 or 2 adults on board each rehearsal (not related to me) and it would help IF you had already had a background check. While it's not needed, it would help. It would also be great to have folks who are familiar with being in the choir.

      I'll also need some help when it comes to the performance, perhaps if you know of a young adult, say a teenager or college student who might be willing to supervise for the concert times.

      Also, this would be a perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to direct to jump in and help with the children's choir. I am hoping to have an assistant work with me... 2 even.... (please... don't let me do this alone.......)

      Suggestions for music ---
      Ideas for anything... would be appreciated.



      Melanie --

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