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Re: [KWChoir] Re: KWDMS 9

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  • Monique Rio
    My barony also hosts niche events. (Terpsichore at the Tower is just a dance event. No fighting, no music classes, no other A&S classes, no merchants, just
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      My barony also hosts niche events. (Terpsichore at the Tower is just a dance event. No fighting, no music classes, no other A&S classes, no merchants, just dance. Grand Tourney is just a fighting event.) Planned properly they make money even if attendance is under 100 people. You don't need a big space if you're only planning for 30 people to come. A 30 person event can be successful. The trick is knowing to plan for 30 not 300. The assertion that you must have something for everyone in order for an event to break even is simply incorrect.

      I absolutely agree that it's important to at least consider what non-musician family members might do at a primarily music focused event. 


      On Thu, Nov 3, 2011 at 11:28 AM, Karen Kasper <arianna_wyn@...> wrote:

      Jadzia said:

      >I personally would prefer having a dedicated Music Symposium over a bigger Dance and Music Symposium

      I disagree completely.

      Sure, some people will have to choose among multiple enticing classes, but I think that's better than having an event fail for lack of attendees.

      My barony has had a lot of these types of "niche" events. If you pick one, very specialized area, you will not get enough attendance to support the cost of hosting the event. We held a Music and Dance Schola last May, run by a very experienced autocrat and with a well-known music and dance person coordinating classes, that was quite poorly attended compared to most of our with well under 100 people. I doubt if it broke even, and we have a Barony with a LOT of musicians.

      Our practice has been to try to pair activities that are disparate enough to draw people from multiple areas. Next month we're holding a Costuming and Rapier Schola; I have no feel for what attendance is likely to be like, but surely better than if it was only one or the other.

      If we want to draw musicians to a KW level event, I think we have to provide other things for their non-musician spouses and friends to do, or risk losing a bucket of money on the event.

      Just my $.02.

      Arianna of Wynthrope 

      From: Monique Rio <nique.rio@...>
      To: KWChoir@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Thursday, November 3, 2011 11:10 AM
      Subject: Re: [KWChoir] Re: KWDMS 9

      Yay! Exciting to hear you'll be in charge of KWDMS 10. :)

      Re: Ability to actually hold a Music Symposium, I think in the next few years it could be possible. There was some clamoring after KWDMS 8 for one. The first step toward it will be building regional music workshops like the East's Music Day and next year's St. Cecilia at the Tower in the Middle. Once people get used to going to music events, a Knowne World Symposium won't seem so crazy. And certainly there's plenty of material. There's already a thriving series of Early Music workshops in the academic world. 

      I personally would prefer having a dedicated Music Symposium over a bigger Dance and Music Symposium because I'm one of the people that does both and I hate having to choose. (Not that I wouldn't have choices to make at a Music Symposium, but that's a less bitter pill for me to swallow.) Also there's the issue of trying to coordinate other music focused activities besides a ball in the evening and the issue of music classes and dance classes competing for attendees. I'd rather not see a smaller ball because of music activities and I'd rather not see more music classes at the expense of dance classes. That's the big problem with having so many people who do both, growing the music side will almost certainly take people away from the dance side.  

      That said, if people want to continue growing the music side of KWDMS I'm not going to complain. :P

      Re: Dances with text, I think that'd be a fine class that fits what I'm looking for. I'm curious if you've found any evidence of that practice being done in period. So far I've been hearing that it isn't a period practice, but I haven't done any actual research myself. My band has tried singing for dances, and for the most part we've found that singing tempo and dance tempo are not the same, which lends credence to the not done in period argument. (Exceptions: Hey Jolly Broom-man for Jamaica (I know it's OOP), A North Country Lass for Goddesses (although even that wants to be sung slower) and Cuckolds all a Row). Something that has worked well for us is doing a nice slow sung intro to remind people that, "Hey there are words!" and then going full speed with instruments. Also have you found any text to non-ECD dances?

      Yay music!

      On Tue, Nov 1, 2011 at 8:37 AM, maria daggett <erlannordenskald@...> wrote:
      Personally I am gad that you're a lurker Jadzia because NOW we have clarification and I thank you for that.  I see where you're going with the music track.  It's my belief that most if not all musicians could organize their read through class or theory class to fit in with the guidelines that you've set up.  I am already thinking of how to tailor my class to fit.   
         And for some advance info, the KWDMS 10 that Mistress Deonna is planning... she has asked me to be her Music Class coordinator. As this will be my second KWDMS (my first sans the M) I hope to gather intel in the planning process.

      ON another topic, I wonder if there is enough interest and availabilty to travel to actually hold a Music Symposium within the borders of the SCA?  It would seem that most music people are also Dance people and many dance people are also music people... wouldn't it be cost effective to keep the KWDMS growing to include more music?  Of course the Dance folks only might take offense to that perhaps...?

      I can think of an interesting topic.  - Dance music that also has lyrics/vocal lines or alternate versions that include voice.  I can think of 2-3 right now and I think I could probably come up with at least 5.  Might be enough to hold a class on!

      OK, enough of Erlan now.

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