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Re: [KWChoir] Matona Mia Cara, CD and video

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  • Jazzerat Jazzerat
    ooh ooh, please please! I d LOVE the Youtube link! Pretty please? :) Dizzy ________________________________ From: Dave Rubin To:
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 12, 2010
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      ooh ooh, please please!  I'd LOVE the Youtube link!  Pretty please? :)


      From: Dave Rubin <dsrubin2004@...>
      To: KWChoir@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Wed, 13 October, 2010 12:22:18 AM
      Subject: [KWChoir] Matona Mia Cara, CD and video


      Couple of things:

      Yes, the CD is only audio - no video.

      AND, we recorded "Matona" pretty straight for the CD, so adding the subtitles to the liner notes might be confusing to listeners who weren't at the concert.

      On the other hand, I DID video record the concert, and it came out not too bad. I will send a YouTube link to Eliane and see if she can add the text as graphics (you can't read the cards on the video unfortunately). Then we can pass around the YouTube link to anyone interested...


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