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  • Karen Kasper
    Hi everyone!   First, apologies for my post from Monday. I didn t realize it was to the KWC list instead of my local choir s Yahoo Group. Nothing to see
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      Hi everyone!
      First, apologies for my post from Monday. I didn't realize it was to the KWC list instead of my local choir's Yahoo Group. Nothing to see here...
      Tara, finding period holiday music can be a little challenging, but I can recommend some easy pieces if you're interested:
      - Veni Veni Emmanuel (O Come O Come Emmanuel). There are a lot of church book arrangements of it, not all of them period, but the tune is period and people will find it familiar.
      - Personent Hodie (NOT the Gustav Holst version, the Praetorius version - Holst has the melody right but composed his own harmony so if that's the only version you can find, just ignore the accompaniment). My choir loves this piece, even though it's only one part. We sing the last verse in organum. with the basses and altos dropping down a fourth singing in parallel to the melody. Make sure it's sung at a good fast tempo to keep it lively.
      - Coventry Carol. You'll find arrangements ranging from 2 to 4 parts, most of them easy, and it's another familiar one to most people.
      - Nova Nova. Another single part but lively and fun, medieval as opposed to renaissance.
      - Noel Sing We Both Alle and Som. Another medieval piece, two parts for the chorus, with one part on the verses (which could be done as solos if you have brave sngers).
      - Gaudete Gaudete Christus Est Natus. Single line on the verse, you can find versions with four-part chorus. This one is familiar to fans of Steeleye Span. :-)
      - In Dulci Jubilo. Another familiar piece that you can find in hymn books, you don't have to play/sing all of the parts to pull it off.
      Good luck!


      --- On Tue, 9/8/09, Terri Spencer <tarats@...> wrote:
       It is not easy to find period tunes with simple harmony in ranges and keys the recorders and vocalists can handle. Challenging but fun.


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