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Re: [KWChoir] Re: wonderful concert!

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  • chrissings@juno.com
    We missed you Erlan! The great thing about Pennsic is it happens every year Arianna M. ... From: erlannordenskald To:
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      We missed you Erlan!  The great thing about Pennsic is it happens every year

      Arianna M.

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      Subject: [KWChoir] Re:  wonderful concert!
      Date: Tue, 11 Aug 2009 21:29:12 -0000


      I am So glad that everything went well. It was very weird for me to be sitting at home on Thursday evening... knowing that I was missing Pennsic after 27 years and the choir for the first time.... ever...
      Did tell me one thing though...things do go on with out me. Makes me feel a bit like a Mother Hen letting the children out of the nest. But the largest feeling of happiness and joy that so many people over the years have had the chance to participate in a very unique experirence. . that is greater.
      I really hope that a video will come forth. I'm also really excited about the CD's... of course I would like one.

      I still have the recordings from last year's concert... and as true to Erlan form... I need to mix it and duplicate it. I will do that, and I will probably just load the tracks online so if folks want them, they can burn them.

      OK.. hopefully pictures are forthcoming!

      I am very happy and proud of you all. Thank you section leaders and THANK YOU Mistress Arianna for a job excellently done!


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    • steve same
      Hello Members of the Pennsic Known World Choir Now that I have recovered at home and finally have taken the time to catch up on E-mail, I would like to extend
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        Hello Members of the Pennsic Known World Choir
        Now that I have recovered at home and finally have taken the time to catch up on E-mail, I would like to extend my thanks to all of you, especially Lady Arianna and Lord Cedric for a marvelous 1st time around with the KW Choir. It was both challenging and fun to sing with you all! I will look forward to the CD recordings to share with my family, and to returning next year for a second round at Pennsic, with the KW Choir, of course.
        Stay well and safe until next year.
        Steve Saxe (name to be determined, so Steven of Greer for the time being)

        From: Karen Kasper <arianna_wyn@...>
        To: Known World Choir <KWChoir@yahoogroups.com>
        Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 11:11:41 AM
        Subject: [KWChoir] Thanks for another wonderful concert!


        Greetings Known World Choristers!
        I would like to thank everyone in the Pennsic Choir for all of their hard work in producing another beautiful concert. Special kudos go to our section leads, Lord Nattfari (bass), Patrikia Maria (alto), Mistress Arianna (soprano) and Lord Cedric (tenor), as well as to our two soloists, Master Robyn and Lord Nattfari.
        We received a lot of compliments - I even had random people stopping me to tell me how much they loved our performance as I walked around Pennsic the next day! Here are some of the comments I received:
        "'Hence Stars' sent chills up my spine!"
        "I loved the Spanish piece, it made me want to dance!"
        "I'll never sing 'Stella Splendens' again - it was so perfect and awe-inspiring the way the volume built as the choir processed in, your performance just couldn't be topped!" [I asked that person to reconsider, as I would never want someone to stop singing a piece because of us!]
        "What a wonderful concert! Everyone sang so beautifully! "

        Master Li Kung Lo said he expects to have the recording from the dress rehearsal ready for us within a month. We'll let you know when CDs are available - he told me he will provide them at cost, probably for $5 or less (plus shipping), which is very generous of him. The gentleman who was set up to record Wolgemut also recorded our concert, so we may have that as well. Unfortunately, my friend's camcorder died at Pennsic, so if you know of someone who videotaped the performance and is willing to share, please let us know!
        Thanks also to the lady who provided the KWC favors for the choir and the tote bag for me - I am embarrassed to admit that I don't remember your name, so please identify yourself. It was  a lovely, gracious and generous gesture that we all appreciated. And of course, thanks to everyone in the choir for the flowers, which graced my camp after the concert.
        You are all a joy to work with. Thank you so much for a fantastic experience. I hope you'll be back singing again next year!
        Warmest regards,
        Arianna of Wynthrope

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