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Re: Requesting your ideas for next year's Pennsic Choir

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  • saraxxxvi
    Poll responses: 1 - 2. Multiple performances? Sure! - an official performance Thursday night, and up to three optional ones - perhaps a Food Court
    Message 1 of 46 , Aug 19, 2008
      Poll responses:

      1 - 2. Multiple performances? Sure! - an 'official' performance
      Thursday night, and up to three optional ones - perhaps a Food Court
      'advertisement' (parts of 2-3 pieces), Midnight Madness (same, or
      maybe 2-3 full pieces), and Closing Ceremonies (complete rerun,
      depending on availability of any soloists) The full K W Choir wouldn't
      be expected at any of the optional bits, but at least 2-3 from each

      3. I'm open to any practise time - slightly prefer early to mid
      afternoon. Would like to skew the practise slot time to favor
      choristers in any voice parts particularly needed by the choir.

      4. Theme - hmmm - given that many Pennsic attendees affect middle
      eastern personas - or at least garb - for the War, perhaps an East
      meets West theme - the Crusades! Don't have any particular pieces in
      mind, but today checked out some websites on medieval crusade-era music:




      Seems that the Crusades brought Arabic influences such as metered
      music (as opposed to plainsong) and choral harmonies to Western Europe.

      Might be a nice stretch for our musical muscles to do some eastern
      Mediterranean harmonies, perhaps even something in Hebrew or Arabic,
      in addition to our annual offering of sacred music in the Latin- and
      Germanic-based languages.

      I'm having fun with this, but am hardly wedded to it.

      Cheers, Sarai

      > So, how about a little poll?
      > 1. How many of you would like to do more than one performance?
      > 2. If you would like to do another performance, where/when would you
      recommend? Midnight Madness and Closing Ceremononies were suggested.
      > 3. On the topic of rehearsal times, please indicate your order of
      preference for the following time slots:
      > 4. Any suggestions for a theme?
      > Thanks for your input. Please feel free to contact me at any time
      with questions or suggestions about next year's performance!
      > Arianna of Wynthrope
      > Director, Pennsic 38 Choir
    • Brent Chivers
      ... (the original simple but scary martial song) ... http://www.darklands.net/music/music.old.3.shtml ... Google and Wikipedia:
      Message 46 of 46 , Aug 31, 2008
        --- In KWChoir@yahoogroups.com, Gale Willingham <try2regale@...> wrote:
        > Alison Winter's idea: "the choir marching in singing l'Homme Arme
        (the original simple but scary martial song)"
        > I found the sheet music here:
        > Anyone know where lyrics to this are?

        Google and Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/L'homme_arm%C3%A9

        Original French
        L'homme, l'homme, l'homme armé,
        L'homme armé
        L'homme armé doibt on doubter, doibt on doubter.
        On a fait partout crier,
        Que chascun se viengne armer
        D'un haubregon de fer.

        The man, the man, the armed man,
        The armed man
        The armed man should be feared, should be feared.
        Everywhere it has been proclaimed
        That each man shall arm himself
        With a coat of iron mail.

        [And for the amusement of wardrivers in my neighborhood, "LhommeArme"
        is my WiFi SSID.]
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