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  • Molly Hathaway
    Hi! Thanks for the support! To answer you queries about Lilies: the War of the Lilies is a Calontir s largest event and draws people from all over the Known
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 13, 2004
      Hi!  Thanks for the support!  To answer you queries about Lilies:  the War of the Lilies is a Calontir's largest event and draws people from all over the Known World.  It is held the second full week in June each year at Smithville Lake near Kansas City, MO, and it is a lovely site with TONS of camping room, a BIG lake to swim in, a full week-long schedule of A&S classes, A&S demos (like our paper mill and a pottery workshop with ovens built on site, etc.), displays and competitions, full children's programs like the Pages School, tons of battles and tourneys, archery, Performing Arts concerts, plays, bardic stuff, lots of shopping, and MAJOR parties every night, (the best one is hosted by Aston Tor, called Tor Tuesday, with a FULLY stocked bar *FREE* and exquisite food served all night long) and there's even a fantastic ultra professional fireworks display on Friday evening.  It is a 10 day event running this year from Friday the 11th through Sunday the 20th (it always ends on Fathers day.)  While it is not yet as big a Pennsic, it has much in it's favor in that the site fee for the whole thing is still only like $30 per person (maybe even only $25, not sure about this year) and we still believe in the honor system here, so there's no gestapo accosting people for their site tokens upon entry, etc.  It is a lovely site with green grass, lots of trees, and as I said a big lake and plenty of room for as big a camp site as you want to have...no land-o-crats telling you "you can only have 225 square feet, and this is where you will set up."  And Calontir is a very friendly Kingdom.  We anticipate about 3000 this year, so it's a good sized war, but not as huge as Pennsic, and admittedly, not as many merchants...but that's about the only thing we are really much smaller in, and even still we have 2 merchants sections with I'd guess more than 60 different merchants booths/pavillions on site. 
      At any rate, we had a preliminary meeting about doing a Known World Choir at Lilies this year and we are setting up the website and music right now so people can just go to the site and download both the written and recorded music (done in Noteworthy...there will be format options where you can pick which part you want emphasized on the recordings where the other parts can still be heard, so you can hear it in context, but your part is louder to help in learning parts) and when it's up and running, I will post the URL.  We will probably do it off our Guido's Hand website (which is not up yet.)  I think we will even include a link for downloading the freeware version of Noteworthy.  Are there plans to do this for the KWC-Pennsic?  Noteworthy's a cool and simple to use tool for getting the music out there for people to start learning stuff.  I'm techno-challenged and it's even relatively easy for me to use!  The only difficulty I have run into in using it is when I'm setting music, getting text underlay just right (I think it just takes practice!), but thankfully, I'm not the one doing it!
      Well, I've blathered on more than long enough!  Thanks for doing this list...I think it's going to be awesome to be interconnected with others in the SCA Choral/Music community.

      Maria Daggett <daggett42@...> wrote:
      Hello and welcome to the list!!   I am not familiar
      with Lillies......but I assume it's a Calontir type of
      Major Event.  And I for one would like to see the
      Known World CHoir type thing progress.  Just because
      it's been at Pennsic year after year after
      year........lol, doesn't mean that there can't still
      be other opportunities for a choir of SCA meembers
      from all over the world.  I wish you luck and of
      course if there is anything that I can do, I'll be
      glad too.

      I am starting a Kingdom Wide Choir here in The East.
      I've gotten all the ground work inplace and it's
      called the EKChoral.  I know, kinda corny, but, hey,
      that's Erlan. 

      So, if anyone in the East is interested, it will be
      run sort of like the KWC, but on a Kingdom level. 

      Molly, Good luck with the KWC at Lillies and do tell
      more of the event........



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