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If you cannot make it ot Pennsic . . .

Have you missed singing? During the summer while school is out and most church choirs are on vacation, there are few opportunities to sing. To this end I
Jul 22

Pennsic 46! Christmas in July! (or August . . .)

Hello to the folks who use Yahoo for their information . . . All the files have been uploaded to the Pennsic Known World Choir web site, and it would be great
Jul 21

Re: VOlunteering at Pensic 45

One little boo-boo in the schedule . . . . Performing Arts Rehearsal Tent (where we hold our KWC Rehearsals) will be set up on Monday 8/1, 11AM. We will need
Jul 20, 2016

VOlunteering at Pensic 45

HELLO ALL Getting excited for Pennsic. I'm getting music ready, tent ready, garb ready... and all of that.... Now, this has come later than usual, but the
Jul 19, 2016

Music and Learning Tracks for Pennsic 45 Known World Choir

Hello folks. Pennsic is just a few weeks away. For those of you planning to sing with the Known World choir, I wanted to let you know that all music and
Jul 7, 2016

Æthelmearc War Practice Sneak Peek

Going to Æthelmearc War Practice this weekend? Want a "sneak peek" of the music for Pennsic? I will be running the third annual Sneak Peek Run Through on
May 16, 2016

KWC at 50 Year - setlist, scores & learning tracks

Update from the Known World Choir at 50 Year Celebration! Lady Tangwystl has finalized our setlist for 50 Year, pulling from songs performed by the KWC at
Kat Pickett
Apr 19, 2016

KWC at 50 Year

Greetings, Choirsters! Known World Choir registration is STILL OPEN for SCA 50 Year Celebration! Our rehearsal & performance schedule is now set, please see
Kat Pickett
Mar 30, 2016

Re: KWC at SCA 50 Year

I have been busy with being Program Chair for a NYC based Science Fiction convention (Lunacon) It's over so I can think Choir & Pennsic. I still am unsure if I
Maria Eskinazi
Mar 24, 2016

KWC at SCA 50 Year - deadline reminder

Greetings, Known World Choir! Just a reminder, today is the deadline for suggesting repertoire for the Known World Choir's 50 Year celebration performance! Our
Kat Pickett
Mar 22, 2016

KWC at SCA 50 Year

Greetings, Known World Choir! Lady Tangwystl verch Gruffydd has graciously volunteered to serve as Director of the choir at the upcoming 50 Year Celebration
Kat Pickett
Mar 6, 2016

Re: byrd mass

Tina - If you're looking at the idea of performing a variety of pieces that have been performed in other years, you might also want to peruse the KWC Top Ten
Mar 2, 2016

Re: byrd mass

That's true, I think we've done that Deo Gratias at least one other time, but I believe its attribution to Byrd has been debunked. Not to mention that Pennsic
Karen Kasper
Mar 2, 2016

Re: byrd mass

We did do a Deo Gratias by Byrd (attributed to Byrd) in Elfrida's mass through the ages Pennsic 24 - this
Jennifer Kobayashi
Mar 2, 2016

Re: byrd mass

We had a request from someone to do part of one of the Byrd masses, and I couldn't find anything in what was online. I figured I'd see if anyone remembered
Mar 2, 2016
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