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98Re: Introductions and directions

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  • Kim Jordan
    Jun 20, 2004
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      The second line in Pasttime is the Alto/Tenor line. Be aware that the
      treble clef has that little subscript 8 in it, so the line is actually
      an octave down from what is written. I had a brief moment of panic
      before I noticed that myself. :)

      Fellow Alto and newest apprentice to Mistress Anne (yesterday!!)

      --- In KWChoir@yahoogroups.com, "sayrecatherine" <sayrecatherine@h...>
      > I am Lady Catherine MacUrsus from the Barony of Blackstone Mountain
      > in the Kingdom of Aethelmarc. I was in the choir Mistress Anne's
      > first year directing and am excited about singing again. [Anyone who
      > can wear full late period in 90+ degree heat with 90+% huminity in a
      > Grimms tent is someone not to be triffled with. ;->]
      > I have a question about the music for Pensic. I have been assigned
      > the A/T line in the Pasttime with Good Company. Music logic would
      > have this as the middle line of music. But this is a song written by
      > a man for I would suspect men to sing so could this be the top line
      > of music.
      > Sorry for the stupid question.
      > Catherin
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