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973Re: the rarity of music

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  • Donald F. Harrington
    May 22, 2008
      Some people have talked about those magic moments when the music and
      the activity come together perfectly. Those are beautiful times, I
      have my own memories that stay with me. Those special moments are one
      of the things that make the effort worthwhile.

      Someone else pointed out that you can find venues outside the SCA,
      too. This is a good point, my group performed for years at a local
      Ren Faire. We even got paid to do strolling madrigals at a Christmas
      street fair in Mesa. We did that for 3 years before the city went
      through a budget crunch and stopped the event, and it was always great
      fun - the patrons really liked us.

      One important note from this discussion is the point that even one
      person can make a difference.

      Don Harrington
      Lazarus Artifex
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