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969RE: [KWChoir] Re: the rarity of music -- and music web pages

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  • Anne of Carthew
    May 21, 2008

      Yep, Corun, we had some 8 harpers, I believe – and to make sure the melody really came through we added two recorders along with that drum.  And Niobe, the incoming queen, knew just how to make the most of that setting.    We, too, have a choral group that sometimes sings for courts.  Happily we have also had a few events around here (Kingdom A&S Festival and the occasional Performers Symposium) where we create an actual performance forum – a place where it is known that performances will take place and people who are in that area are indeed there to be an audience.  (I might have had some influence on that.  If you want something, you can sometimes make it happen.)  We’ve even succeeded in making the competition part go away in favor of just time for concerts.   This last KASF, we had soloists and small groups, also but no less than 3 choral groups from Atlantia performing.  (Too bad I was brain dead by that time of the day!)


      With respect to some of our other threads:  my choral group’s web page has PDFs and midis that may be of help to y’all, including your Christmas in August program.  Most of these are either CPDL pieces I’ve gathered into one place or files I’ve put together myself.  There are versions of Alle Psallite, Psallite Unigenito, and Victoria’s O Magnum – complete with midi files for the score and individual parts.  The Alleluia by Hassler (from his Angelus ad pastores) which I put together the last time I directed the Pennsic choir is also there.   Sorry, you’ll have to slog through some of the things that probably only our local group would do…  Anyway, the link is:   http://www.ravenstreet.org/Anne/alle_psallite/alle_psallite.htm    Enjoy! 


      Missy Anne

      (Anne of Carthew)



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      Arianaa W. wrote:

      >Oh, yes, there's always some snafu, as Lazarus said.

      And then there are those beauteous moments when you have a Queen who understands timing and a slow processional and manages to walk her way to her Coronation at just the right pace to allow the (what was it Anne... 8... 10? and one lonely drummer) harp orchestra to play her processional piece all the way through.


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