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962Re: [KWChoir] Re: the rarity of music

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  • Susan Stoltze
    May 21, 2008
      OK, so we're a small, but dedicated and intense group.
      What fun!
      - Susanna Merrybegot

      "Donald F. Harrington" <donharrington@...> wrote:
      Some excellent points have been made. This is an issue I've wrestled
      with for over 30 years in the SCA.

      Processionals, pomp and circumstance, these are good opportunities for
      live music. You just have to be prepared for the facts that (1) the
      herald will start the Royals marching forward without giving you
      advance warning, usually 30 minutes or later than scheduled, and (2)
      they will hit the thrones at 10 seconds into your 90 second piece.

      I'd add "Alle Psallite" to the list of processionals, it's a bouncy piece.

      One trick is to get Royalty into your choir. I've been honored to
      have many Royal Peers in my singing groups, and they're a great
      resource for finding pomp and circumstance venues. They're also good
      at talking to other Royals and suggesting the use of live music.

      In general, though, I have not found the SCA to be a good venue for
      choral music. This is a bit of a rant, so take it with a grain of
      salt. Most people don't come to SCA events to hear choral music.
      They generally don't come to hear music at all. If they do think of
      music, they think of stuff from the movies (Knight's Tale, Excalibur,
      Henry V) or they think of filk songs about how wonderful SCA members
      are, much better than regular people. Music that requires active
      listening is seen as an intrusion on the fun they came to the event for.

      And they're right. People don't have to like early music to be in the
      SCA. They don't have to like choral music to be in the SCA. They can
      have the most award-studded careers in the SCA without ever liking it.

      That's the nature of the group. Choral music is a minority activity.
      That minority loves the music very much, and I think that's a
      beautiful thing. I think we should encourage music everywhere. But
      the SCA, as an organization, is not about fostering choral music.

      Ah, I'm depressed now, I'll stop ranting.

      Don Harrington
      Lazarus Artifex

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