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940Re: [KWChoir] Pennsic Choir Questions

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  • Elizabeth Dowling
    May 18, 2008
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      Greetings Eilionora,
      Rehearsals are usually from 4 to 6 P.M., although sometimes there may be
      other times. It depends on the year. Some years have started
      rehearsals earlier in the first week, but did not expect to see the
      whole group until the beginning of the second week. (If music is
      difficult, this is helpful, because a small group throughout the choir
      will already know their parts.) I encourage people to participate, even
      if they don't think they sing or read music well. If you sing the
      notes, blend, watch the conductor, watch out for dynamics, that is good
      enough. Sometimes music is available before Pennsic (keep watching this
      list), but not always. If the music is available, practice your part if
      you can. Whether or not you have seen the music beforehand, if you need
      to miss a rehearsal or two for some other scheduled activity that you
      were planning to go to, then it is O.K., but then just try very hard to
      make up for lost time. One year I had to miss two in the second week,
      because I had to teach at the same time, but I had learned the music.
      Sometimes there are "sectionals" for each part; the whole group usually
      meets at the Performance Pavillion (in the A&S area), and then the
      sections walk to wherever they will meet. One or two encampments
      arrange their own sectionals; extra rehearsals are not required, but
      some people like to go over difficult sections. The music this year may
      not be so difficult that such rehearsals would be necessary. This has
      been my experience in the past; I hope it is helpful, and barring any
      difficulties I hope to see you at Pennsic 37.
      Lady Elizabeth

      eilionora wrote:
      > Greetings everyone!
      > My name is Eilionóra, and I'm a new-ish member of the SCA. I'm going
      > to be at Pennsic for the first time this year, and I have a few
      > questions about the choir that I hope someone can answer:
      > 1) During which week and on what day do rehearsals begin?
      > 2) What time are rehearsals (I think they have typically been from 4-6pm)?
      > 3) How many rehearsals are we required to attend in order to
      > participate in the final concert?
      > Thanks, and I am looking forward to meeting all you fellow musicians at
      > Pennsic! :)
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