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909Re: [KWChoir] Re: Pennsic Music

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  • Claudia Willsea
    Apr 28, 2008
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      Dear Erlan:  I like the suggestions made by Arianna M.  However, please do add some of the Rossi.  I think Jewish music is very moving and would be appreciated by all.  I have not sung with the chorus since 2006, so I am very much looking forward to returning to Pennsic and the choir!  Yours Truly,  Lady Claudia

      "chrissings@..." <Chrissings@...> wrote:
      Hi Erlan:
      I'm not sure that performing the music of a single composer would be as much fun for choir members or as aesthetically pleasing for the audience.... in short...too much of one style. 
      I like your Christmas in August idea much better.  There are plenty of 4 and 5 part pieces to fill a half hour program.  If you would like to include music of Jewish composers, e,g, Rossi, you could broaden the theme to "Music of Praise" or something along those lines.
      We're looking forward to your decision.
      Arianna M.

      -- maria daggett <erlannordenskald@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      Good idea Diane,
      I am actually torn between 2 programs. Since I
      haven't directed in a while and I volunteered to do it
      again this year... I'm sitting on 2 concerts... almost
      ready to decide, but maybe it would be a good idea to
      get some feed back.
      Music of Salmone Rossi or Christmas in August.
      The music of Rossi is really well done Italian
      Renaissance madrigals and motets. It's unlikly that
      people have done his music in casual local singing,
      it's not been that popular. Over the last 10 years or
      so, it's becomming more wide spread.
      Christmas in August is just that.. holiday themed
      music consisting of larger works not usually done in
      small local groups. 6 part Ave Maria (Josquin) for
      The down side is men. Doing a program with more
      diverse parts always means, well, you need folks to
      sing them. At least with this program, much of the
      music can be arranged into 3 part treble so that it
      can stand on it's own with just female voices.

      So, perhaps some feedback from the folks who'll be
      singing..... .would be nice.


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