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882Known World Choir Estrella 2008

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  • Donald F. Harrington
    Jan 28, 2008
      I've put up the music files for Estrella 2008 KWC. They may be found
      under the files section of KWChoir, the Yahoo Known World Choir group,
      or on my own website at
      http://www.donharrington.net/estrella/Estrella 2008
      archive/index_08.html (if you have trouble with the URL, just go to
      www.donharrington.net, choose the Known World Choir menu and the
      Estrella 2008 menu item).

      A lot of good tunes, fun to sing, many you already know. What are you
      waiting for - just join us at Estrella and enjoy the music!

      April is in My Mistress' Face
      Thomas Morley (1558-1603)
      No concert is complete without Morley. April is in my mistress face,
      but in her heart... English.

      Ahi, che quest' occhi miei
      G.P. da Palestrina (1525-1594)
      Wait, no concert is complete without Palestrina. I mean Morley. I mean
      both. Italian.

      The Agincourt Carol
      Anonymous - The best known of many songs written soon after the famous
      Battle of Agincourt in 1415. English.

      Ce Moys de May
      Clement Janequin (ca. 1485--1558)
      A fun tune about green dresses, skipping, kissing and other
      activities. Reprised from last year by popular demand. French.

      Anonymous - 15th century. Some rhythmic adjustments and a twist
      ending. Polyglot French.

      Follow Me, Sweet Love and Soul's Delight
      Michael East (1580-1648)
      One of the great passive-aggressive love songs. English.

      Now I See Thy Looks Were Feigned
      Thomas Ford (1580-1648)
      A cautionary madrigal that might be at home in Nashville. English.

      Pastime with Good Company
      Henry VIII (1491-1547)
      It's good to be the King. English.

      Springtime Mantleth Ev'ry Bough
      Thomas Morley (1558-1603)
      More Morley. You can't have too much Morley. Birds and beasts are of
      consort on that. English.

      Toss The Pot
      Thomas Ravenscroft (1592-1633)
      Just a fun drinking song. English.

      Rehearsals are scheduled Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all
      from noon till 2:00 PM, all at the Grand Pavilion (except for the
      rehearsal on Saturday - location will be announced at the War).

      Sunday Performance 2:00 at the Grand Pavilion. No clean-up or
      competition, just a good big venue for us.

      Performers will be expected to attend at least two rehearsals to be in
      the final performance. We've spread them all over the schedule to make
      it as easy as possible for you to fit them in with all your other
      Estrella fun. Visit www.estrellawar.org for more information about
      locations, times and other fun events.


      Don Harrington
      Lazarus Artifex