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  • Lorraine Herr
    Dec 27 7:54 PM
      Good evening, gentle cousins,

      Permit me to introduce myself. I am Lady Angela Rosa Dellamora of the
      Barony of Stromgard in the Kingdom of An Tir. For the last two years,
      I have performed as as a mezzo soprano with a local early music
      consort, Musica Draconis. We perform at both SCA and non SCA events and
      try to share as much joy through music as possible! In my mundane life,
      I have performed for over thirty years in a wide variety of venues.

      My household and I are delighted to discover that we will be able to
      attend Estrella this coming February, and are looking forward to the
      musical experiences at the event. Please do let me know if there is
      anything we can do to help in advance of the event. Looking forward
      to meeting many fellow musicians!

      In service,

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