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    Oct 10, 2007
      Fourth year, actually.
      We've talked about some alternatives for director, but it hasn't been productive.  I hadn't realized that a Choir commitment was 'till death do us part.  Smiley emoticon
      I went ahead and put up a holding page for it on my website and reloaded the previous 3 years files, so all the music we've done up to now is available (www.donharrington.net, click on the <Known World Choir> menu item).  I believe we have rehearsal space reserved in the A&S pavilion as in years past, but the performance location is still up for discussion.  I'm voting for during Queen's Tea, rather than after it.  People have also commented that we should promote the Choir more on the War website and in the program book.  Last year, it was hard to find it in the program book and impossible to find on the War site, but that may have had more to do with production problems than anything else.  Nonetheless, it's important to have the info available.
      I love doing the Choir, but my time on the war site is limited to only a few hours each day.  Last year, my household made joking comments that I was just treating them like a hotel, showing up for a minute, running off to rehearsal, coming back for a minute and leaving.  I admit I was reluctant to say yes to another year, but it looks like that would be the best for now.  What we need to do is open up a 4-Kingdom search for alternate directors, since we usually have at least 4 Kingdoms as treaty signers.  Within the Kingdom of Atenveldt, we know most of the people and they all say, "weren't you doing it again, Laz?  It's a tradition now".
      Don Harrington
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      Subject: [KWChoir] Re: Estrella

      Far as I know, there will be a choir at Estrella...
      More details will follow.
      This would be the third year for that.

      > Erlandr, is there a Choir in the works for Estrella? I'm
      > planning on
      > attending and am wondering. Pennsic choir was wonderful and
      > would
      > like to sing again . . .
      > Celaena, EK

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