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  • Sharon
    Sep 4, 2007
      The Pennsic 36 choir was such a good opportunity for me to
      dust myself off musically (I hadn't sung with a group in years).
      while I'm in no way ready to be a section leader, I would SO be
      willing to travel to Gulf Wars to have a chance to sing like that
      again...it was wonderful. I can't wait for my CD. Thinking about it
      today brought "Magnum Mysterium" back to me.
      Isabel Henry

      > By the way..,., I'm in my planning mode for the upcoming year.
      > Looking for March 2008 - Gulf Wars - Director.
      > February 2008 - hoping to have a Choir at Estrella again, I know
      > our esteemed director of the past few years is looking for someone
      > take on that responsibility
      > June of 2008 - There MUST be a choir at Lillies this year, we
      > the boat last year, so I am definately looking for a volunteer for
      > that one.
      > If there be any interest at all... PLEASE let me know.
      > Also, looking for future Pennsic years, I would like to have the
      > 3 years polished down.... at least get a list of interested
      > peoples....so, speak up if you think you might have the
      > inclination... or would like to volunteer as a section leader or
      > another capacity.
      > THANKS
      > In service to the tunes,
      > Erlandr
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