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809Re: [KWChoir] KWC and PW36

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  • Isabel1443
    Aug 13, 2007
      Congrats on the siege cooking competition! I saw that, and was intrigued. So many
      fun things to do, with time, energy, and weather restraints...
      Speaking strictly for myself as a very rusty sight-reader, I found that I needed that
      week of daily rehearsals to even begin to keep up with the challenging music. Please join
      us next year. It was an amazing experience that I will always treasure. The music is
      still in my head (and in my heart).
      Isabel Henry

      Christine Bakken/Bridget <clysne@...> wrote:
      I was trying to join on sat.  But I still had fun at pennsic even though I didn't sing.  I came in second for the marion reive seige cooking competition and made a load of friends. I also found that everyone loved my cloak and wants me to make them for them and for there families. I am glad you guys did well. See ya next year.

      Karen Kasper <arianna_wyn@ yahoo.com> wrote:
      I'm sorry someone steered you wrong. Whoever it was, they were mistaken, unless perhaps you were trying to join only a day or two before the performance and would not have had enough rehearsal time to perform with us.  The choir has always accepted walk-ins, as long as they are willing to put in the effort to learn the music.  If you had found your way to the Performing Arts tent, I know you would have been welcomed and would have had a wonderful time. I hope you will try again in future years.
      I would like to second Master Corunn's comments. I was unable to sing with the full choir this year but was thrilled to be able to participate in the Morley Consort. I was blown away by the glorious sound from the Pennsic Choir, especially in O Magnum Mysterium and Tu Es Petrus, this year's "big" pieces. Everyone was obviously having a great time and had worked very hard, and the expression on Mistress Arianna's face at the end brought back the thrill I felt at the end of last year's concert. It was a joy to experience from the audience! 
      Mistress Arianna of Wynthrope (the "other" Arianna, NOT this year's director)

      Christine Bakken/Bridget <clysne@yahoo. com> wrote:
      I am glad you all had fun,  I had a rather bad experience with the choir, while looking for you I was told that since I was running late to not even bother because I wouldn't be allowed to sing with the choir because I got lost trying to even find the tent.  This was very upsetting.  Hearing this I tracked my way back to camp and didn't bother with it anymore after that.  I hope others didn't have the same experience.

      Karen Kasper

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