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805KWC and PW36

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  • corun2
    Aug 12, 2007
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      I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for an absolutely
      lovely time. This was my first year singing with the KWC but it won't
      be my last. You lot are just great. And what a performance you all put
      on. Fantastic.

      Mistress Arianna you are a wonderful director, and I'm not just
      speaking from my biased point of view. I know how much you put into
      making our performance this year the success it was despite the heat,
      the rain, the heat, the humidity and the heat.

      To everyone, I work with Mistress Arianna locally and I know first
      hand how much she loves music and how much she gives to her groups
      (Laydes Fayre and Bella Voce) but I have never seen her work harder
      nor pour more of her soul into an endeavor as she did this year for
      the KWC. The look on her face at the end of each piece was well worth
      the price of admission.

      Lastly I want to extend an invitation to anyone who happens to find
      themselves in the DC area at any time in the future. Come see us. Come
      play and sing with us. You will be most welcome.

      In service,
      Baron Corun MacAnndra, OP
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