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76Fun at Roses

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  • daggett42
    Jun 1, 2004
      Well everyone, the East kingdom CHorale had an interesting rehearsal
      at War of the Roses..... not many in attendance however what
      troupers. It was windy, it was cold...it was Memorial Day
      weekend...it was sunny, it was cloudy, it was cold....but yet they
      came and sang and gave it their all.
      Unfortunately there were not enough voices to actually perform
      the concert, however that did not stop the musicians there at War of
      the Roses.......for the voices got together with other musicians and
      we strategically put together a pre-court concert with Period
      music...to include recorders.....voices and violin.
      Mistress Deonna van Achen was trememdously amazing in pulling out
      music at the drop of a hat, filling in as tenor and alto AT THE SAME
      TIME.... (grin) and it came together.

      Thank you to everyone who participated, your willingness to
      participate and ability to be flexable was much appreciated. I hope
      that more impromptu music will happen, more EKCHorale will happen and
      in general, more period appropriate music to augment the Courts and
      events of our East Kingdom.

      In service

      Erlan Nordenskald