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75War Roses

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  • erlannordenskald
    May 22, 2004
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      The war is next week. I have mailed out music to those who requested
      it...let me know if you get it.
      Rehearsal is at 11 AM for 90 minutes. We are doing a 20 -25
      minutes concert. hmmppff.
      that's more time than we need. i'll talk for a lot of it depending
      on how much music we can get done.

      so far.......we are at about 3 voices. won't sound really great, but
      if you all dress nice, we'll look really good!!!

      OH, i've been snagged into judgeing the Bardic championships. so for
      any of you who were thinking of competing but heard that I was going
      to , so you got scared, and ran away.....it's all good, you can do it
      now, I cant' compete.

      PS you can bribe me by singing in the choir


      see you at WR