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  • Claudia Willsea
    Jun 30, 2007
      I will not be able to attend Pennsic this year, so I would like you to send me one of each of the CD's when you return from war.  I will get back with you after Pennsic.  Claudia Willsea

      Maria Daggett <daggett42@...> wrote:
      Regarding recordings
      I posted back in april that I would have a stack of the CD's
      with me at war. There is a recording of last year's concert on
      one disk. There's a recording of "Music from the court of Vlad
      the Impalier" on one disk and a third disk that will contain
      "Best of from the last 5 years"
      They will not be mass produced for re-sale. It's just for the
      choir and friends and they will be available for $5 each just to
      cover the cost of the disc and the studio time to mix and master
      them. The studio time is in my brother Roman's studio. We are
      editing out beeps, noise, cries, trucks, parades and trying to
      create an ambience to the music with out the uh, ambience of
      pennsic. It's better to listen to that way.
      Many of the cuts will be loaded into the files sections as

      For anyone who isn't going to be at war this year, have a friend
      get one to bring to you, or I'll send them when I get back from


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