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713Re: Recordings

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  • erlannordenskald
    Jun 12, 2007
      Well, my plan was to wander by rehearsal when I could AND I can
      usually be found in the A&S point tent as I'm working with Asim this
      year in the field. I am pretty sure that you can ALWAYS find Erlan!!
      I might, if he lets me, leave a stack at Game Gnight which is a
      games merchant accross from the Barn. Galen is a member of my shire
      and has a little business and he might allow me to leave a stack-o-
      cd's for members to pick up there.
      And, I can always make some stops at camps during the war.

      Something that my other list does before war is use the database on
      yahoo for listing camping locations. So, there's the name and the
      camp. That way if anyone wanted to find each other, they could jot
      down the location before war. Would that interest anyone???
      I would be happy to set up a data base on this group site for that

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