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69RE: Chorale Rehearsals

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  • Maria Daggett
    Apr 18, 2004
      Yes well, you're right about the Whip part.
      Ok, yes I KNOW that you all like to sing........AND
      there is plenty of room for us to gather!!
      The plan is this:
      I've got 2 pieces in honor of the Lady, Ave Maria in 4
      parts and 5 parts both by Josquin. I've got 2
      settings of L'homme Mass's As you know L'homme means
      in translation "The Armed Man"--- I'vwe got a German
      tune and a French Chanson, because our Crown is that,
      she is french and he is german, so just in case any
      one actually wants us to perform something...we should
      be ready.

      I will bring plenty of copies of music and
      recordings if I can get them.

      Talk it up. get voices there.

      I plan on doing these rehearsals a bit differently, I
      plan to teach them in part so that other group leaders
      can take what we do back to their own home groups and
      actually lead and conduct rehearsals. I plan on
      having others try and lead rehearsals. That way, we
      can all learn more music!!

      As always I promise that fun will be had by all.

      See ya'll then!!!


      > So, Erlan, what do you want us to sing, huh,huh,huh?
      > Give us a hint. Maybe a song title or two? Hum a
      > few bars? The Barren Sands War Autocrat did turn up
      > to sing the Tedium at Coronation, so I'm sure we can
      > twist her arm for an acre or two of the Boy Scout
      > camp to practice in at the B.S. War. I didn't even
      > have to work hard to get all those Barren Sands
      > types out for Coronation. We like to sing. Whether
      > anybody likes to hear us is another question, but
      > I'm sure you can whip us into shape.
      > Svea

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