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686Re: [KWChoir] Re: Lyric page?

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  • chrissings@juno.com
    Jun 6, 2007
      Thanks Diane.

      -- "Diane" <diane19128@...> wrote:

      Thank you, Arianna. And thank you in advance to Lord Geffrei.

      I've already typed up the lyrics, being the impatient sort that I am.
      If anyone else could use this, I will be glad to post a PDF in the
      files section. (So far, I can only listen to the midi files on my
      computer, or sit at the piano to thump them out. My son-in-law's
      converting the midi files to mp3s so I can listen wherever. I find a
      lyrics-only page useful once I learn a part and would like to sing it
      anywhere--while cooking or sewing, for instance.)

      Thanks again,

      <Chrissings@ ...> wrote:

      > Our Bass section leader had previously posted a very nice
      pronunciation guide for the german to the list. Lord Geffrei...could
      you repost it for Diane and others?
      > I don't have any lyric pages separate from the music. Would
      anybody else find these useful? If so, would anyone like to volunteer
      to type the lyrics?
      > Cheers!
      > Arianna M.
      > <diane19128@ ...> wrote:
      > Good evening, all...I was wondering if it would be possible to post
      > lyric pages like the translation pages for an easier reading of said
      > lyrics? This would be helpful to me, at least--don't know if any
      > others would benefit from this.
      > Also, any help with German pronunciation would be appreciated,
      > something phonetic, perhaps.
      > I'm in Bhakail, if anyone else is and would like to get together to
      > practice.

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