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683Re: [KWChoir] Lyric page?

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  • chrissings@juno.com
    Jun 5, 2007

      Our Bass section leader had previously posted a very nice pronunciation guide for the german to the list.  Lord Geffrei...could you repost it for Diane and others?

      I don't have any lyric pages separate from the music.   Would anybody else find these useful?  If so, would anyone like to volunteer to type the lyrics? 

      Arianna M.

      -- "Diane" <diane19128@...> wrote:

      Good evening, all...I was wondering if it would be possible to post
      lyric pages like the translation pages for an easier reading of said
      lyrics? This would be helpful to me, at least--don't know if any
      others would benefit from this.

      Also, any help with German pronunciation would be appreciated,
      something phonetic, perhaps.

      I'm in Bhakail, if anyone else is and would like to get together to


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