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67East Kingdom Chorale Rehearsals

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  • erlannordenskald
    Apr 16 8:12 AM
      Hello all around the East Kingdom
      UPdate on progress - ANnouncement for singers will go into the
      May, June and July editions of the PIke staff.

      There will be a rehearsal of the East Kingdom CHorale at the Beltaine
      Brew and Brawl April 30 - May 2 in Gradyville, PA. 2-4 PM,

      I have put in requests for the War of the Roses AND the Barren Sands
      War for a rehearsal........AND offered the autocrats the chance to
      have the EKC perform at the RP. SO, if anyone of them says, yes,
      we're in trouble, we HAVE to start yelping some decent tunes.

      I have music ready to send out for any one who wishes it. It's basic
      stuff.... there is no charge for any of this, all I ask is that you
      take a copy of the music and then distribute it to your people...
      Music will come with notes attached and it's NOT stapled asembled or
      in books, that's up to you to do once you copy it. Breathing is
      marked, follow it please.

      When I finish scanning and doing all the digital stuff, there will be
      files for ya to snag. Actually it would be easier for me to create a
      web site, so I'm on that one also, i'm just not quick with it, but I
      have some one helping me!!

      I hope that there is enough interest in the East Kingdom Chorale for
      this to work.

      Thank you for your support and dedication, IT IS APPRECIATED.

      Erlan, who is altering the spelling of her name so you will now see
      it a few different ways
      what do ya think???

      OH, PS, I want a badge for the EKChorale.....so, any ideas would be


      IN service to the tunes

      Lady AErlandr NOroskald, CSC, Known World Choir Director Emeritas
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