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65Pennsic - was Tedium

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  • Anne of Carthew
    Apr 6, 2004
      How's Pennsic KWC going? I'm glad you asked that! The web site has been up
      for quite a while now: http://www.ravenstreet.org/kwchoir.htm

      And this web site is linked from the Pennsic site also.

      I've had 11 people send me "registrations" - all sopranos and altos. (Though
      some of the Altos say they can hit a tenor line.)

      Please feel free - in fact, PLEASE - send this link around to other likely
      lists. Distribute it within your kingdoms! I think we've got a great
      program planned and it should be a lot of fun! As always, WE NEED MEN!

      By the way, who is going to be at Aethlemarc war practice? As it turns out,
      I'll be going. (Pennsic planning meetings coincide, and my other half,
      Master Tirloch, will be attending.) Anyone want to sing some? (i.e.,
      practice some of this program?)

      So...what was the "rest of the story" from your 17 seconds? What happened?

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      I mean, Te Deum
      I first would like to thank EVERYONE who pitched in for that
      roaring 17 seconds of music at Coronation. I was satisfied, were
      you? well, you can't control Show Biz.
      I had a good time and it was very nice seeing people again - hope
      we can do it again soon........
      remember, this list is for comments as well as information, and
      it's also for requests.........

      by the way........hows the Pennsic KWC going?????

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