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60RE: [KWChoir] Te Deum at Cornonation

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  • ladysvea@netscape.net
    Mar 27, 2004
      Hi, Erlan.
      Down here in Barren Sands we are having a breweing A&S meeting on Sunday the 28th and we are planning to rehearse a bit there. After the brewing. Hmm. I don't know if that is a good idea, but we'll give it a try. B.S. may have as many as 5 singers for you(A,A,T,B,B). If we survive the brewing, of course.
      "erlannordenskald" <erlannordenskald@...> wrote:

      >    For any one singing the Te Deum with the Tropes at Coronatio
      >(EAST K-April 3)
      >   Lady Issabeau has planned an 11AM rehearsal.  We are most likely
      >singing it at the Noon Court. There will be a sign at Troll with more
      >    Hope that helps your plans.  
      >Rehearse well

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