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595Re: [KWChoir] PDFs of Pennsic 36 Program German Pronounciation primer

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  • chrissings@juno.com
    Feb 24 10:00 AM
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      Merci Beaucoup (sp?) Madame Ysolt:

      I will be a Kingdom A&S encouraging Pennsic Choir participation....among other things.

      Master Corun loaned me a really nifty book that may help us "periodize" (I'm pretty sure that's not a real word - - but it gets the point accross) the modern French.

      Your help is always appreciated.

      See you next week!

      Arianna M.

      -- Ysolt la Bretonne <ysolt@...> wrote:

      I was a French major in college (mumble, mumble) years ago. Of course
      that was modern French. I am *acquainted* with period pronunciation,
      but no expert. Will you be at KASF next week? We could do a first pass
      on it there.

      Ma�tresse Ysolt la Bretonne, OP
      Barony of Windmasters' Hill

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