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580RE: [KWChoir] PDFs of Pennsic 36 Program German Pronounciation primer

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  • Karen Kasper
    Feb 19, 2007
      Thanks, Geffrei! 
      My choir has been singing this piece for about a year now, and that was pretty accurate except that the words beginning with S usually don't sound like an English "S", but either a "Z" or an "Sh."  For example, "sein" and "sich" are pronounced "zine" (long i) and "zich" (short i, Scottish ch), while "stein," "stimmt" and "stets" are pronounced "shtine" (also long i), "shtimt" (short i) and "shtets" (short e).
      Arianna of Wynthrope (*not* Arianna Morgan) :-)

      William Mauldin <wmmauldin@...> wrote:
      Here’s a stab at phonetically spelling Musica, Die ganz Lieblich Kunst. Pronounce all letters.
      Musica = Moo-si-ka short i
      Die = dee
      Ganz = gahntz G as in gate
      Lieblich = leeb-lich ch as in Scottish loch
      Kunst = koonst oo as in soon
      Ist = ist short i
      Ehrenwert = eh – wren – vert   eh is like slang for I can’t hear you.
      Zu = tzoo
      Halten = hall – ten
      Hat = hat a as in father
      Billig = bill – lig short I’s pronounch both L’s
      Allenthaben = ahl – lent – hahl – ben
      Gunst = goon-st
      Bei = bye
      Jungen = yoon-gen
      Und = oont
      Alten = all-ten
      Leidet = Lie – det
      Schmerz = schm – er - tz pronounce all letters. “er” as in early
      Tut = toot
      All = all
      Unmut = un – moot
      Vertreiben = Fer-try-ben
      Traurig = Traw-rig almost put a “K” in the “G”
      Niemand = Nee – man – d
      Bleiben = bli – ben long I
      Viel = Feel
      Elder = elder
      Kraft = craft
      Zie = zee
      Mitsich = mit-si-sh short i
      Bringt = bring-t
      Davon = da – fon
      Wir = veer
      Alle = all-le
      Zeu-gen = tzeu – gen  eu as in Sigmund Freud
      Durch = doer – ch  ch as above
      Hertze = Hertz – a  like the car company with “a” on the end.
      Dringt = I as in pin not English ing pronounce everything
      Ihr = ear
      Lieblichkeit = Lee-b-lich-kite
      Wer = Ver  er as in early
      Könnt = Kern – t
      Lob = Lobe
      Verschweigen = Fir – schwi – gen  long I in the middle sylable
      Es = Ess
      Müsst = Mers-st er as in early
      Doch = o as in doe ch as in Scottish loch
      Sein = sign
      Ein = as above without the S
      Harter = a as in father e as in tent
      Stein = as in vessel for beer Stine
      Der = short e like eh
      Sich = short I ch like loch
      Nicht = short I, ch like loch, t
      Liess = lee – ss
      Bewegen = Beh-vA-gen
      Wenn = venn
      Gesangtut = ge-song-toot
      Regen = ra – gen
      Drum = droom
      Wollen = vohl-len
      Heller = hell – ler
      Frau = fraw
      Stets = short e
      Preisen = prize – en
      Gewisslich = guh-vish-lish
      Immerdar = im-meer-dar
      Stimmt = stem – mt
      Erklingen = er – cling – en
      Den = Long German e almost dane
      Hört = hurt
      This covers most of the words and will not be completely accurate but will give you a good starting place.

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      German tends to be much more challenging that latin.

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      Karen Kasper

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