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560Estrella War 2007 Known World Choir Files

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  • Donald F. Harrington
    Jan 21, 2007
      Estrella War 2007 Known World Choir song list

      Another fun romp through a few centuries of part-song. There are PDFs
      and MIDs of each song, plus a zipped file of all songs, available on
      the Yahoo! Groups Known World Choir site and at

      Alle Psallite Anonymous - rousing 13th Century trio that goes well
      with bells and drums. Latin.

      O Bone Jesu Originally ascribed to Palestrina, now accorded to Marco
      Antonio Ingegneri (1547-1592). Beautiful harmonies in a very
      Palestrina-like setting. Latin.

      Three Country Dances in One Thomas Ravenscroft (1592-1633). A clever
      conceit from Ravenscroft. English.

      Now I See Thy Looks Were Feigned Thomas Ford (1580-1648). A
      cautionary madrigal that might be at home in Nashville. English.

      Follow Me, Sweet Love and Soul's Delight Michael East (1580-1648).
      One of the great passive-aggressive love songs. English.

      Now Is the Month of Maying Thomas Morley (1557-1603). The omnipresent
      school choir tune for your pleasure. Each with his bonny lass, indeed.

      Non Nobis Domine Originally ascribed to William Byrd (1539–1623) but
      that is in contention. A simple and moving contrapuntal tune. Latin.

      Pase El Agua Anonymous late-15th/early-16th Century. A traditional
      tune with a little rhythmic zing. Spanish.

      Rehearsals are scheduled Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, all
      from noon till 2:00 PM, all at the Music & Dance section of the Arts &
      Sciences area.

      • Sunday Performance 2-3 PM immediately following Queens' Tea

      Performers will be expected to attend at least two rehearsals to be in
      the final performance. We've spread them all over the schedule to make
      it as easy as possible for you to fit them in with all your other
      Estrella fun. Visit www.estrellawar.org for more information about
      locations, times and other fun events.

      Contact: Don Harrington / Lazarus Artifex
      lazarus@... or donharrington@...