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559Re: Estrella KWC

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  • erlannordenskald
    Jan 9, 2007
      Ahh, there you are.
      I'm so glad that things are working nicely.
      Suggestion - Look for a deputy this year to train to take the choir
      either next year or in the future, or at least to help take some of
      the choir responsibilities off of you, so that your mundane life
      isn't affected too much.
      I've been toying around with the reality of coming out there
      myself, and this year, it looks like a no. Next year however might
      actually be a possibility.

      It is also NOT necessary to have a conductor that is local. If it
      ever comes that you want / need a break I will find someone to direct
      the group out there. You got it going and I cant' thank you enough
      for what you've done for the Known World Choir.
      Estrella was the second site for a choir so it was Estrella that
      make truth out of the name of the group. Lillies was the third site
      to host the choir and I can't be happier.

      So, folks, I put the call out, Is there anyone one out there who
      might consider directing the West group in the future?
      Please let us know. E mail me off list or Lazarus off list and we'll

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