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551Re: [KWChoir] Re: songs of the east

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  • Carlene McCarthy
    Jan 2, 2007
      I am interested too please.

      On 12/31/06, Justin Semmel <juzbunny@...> wrote:

      I'm in!
      Robert Behannes
      aka Juz
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      If anyone is interested in getting a copy of the songbook, please email me to get contact information for Linette.  It would probably be best to contact her directly.  I'll let her know that there's more interest out there and maybe she'll let me be her EK songbook crack dealer.  She's been less active lately due to life issues.
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      From: "erlannordenskald" <erlannordenskald@ yahoo.com>

      Sounds like Lynette might need to get some of those books to an event
      soon, or perhaps do a mailing to those interested. Siobhan, who is her
      apprentice is ON this list... and I'm sure that she can arrange to
      snail mail copies to interested people. Siobhan... can you handle
      this? Seems like a few people would like the song books.
      And, Svan, you are SO silly. Head of a pin... geeesh.. really?
      We'll have to fix that!!


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