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525Re: MIL and stuff

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  • Maria Daggett
    Oct 14, 2006
      Hello all
      the mother in law issue should really be dropped, even though
      I started it. I was frustrated last week, before the wedding.
      I am now a married woman, almost everything went right!! But he
      showed up which is the most important thing.
      Pictures will be posted for you to see in a few weeks...
      I supose that makes me MRS KWC now!!

      I look forward to hearing about the plans for Pennsic's Choir
      this year.

      It's also time to start looking for the Estrella program and
      director... (Lazarus - you ARE going to do it again, aren't

      and the Gulf Wars Choir... I am still looking for a director
      although I'm trying to get Lady Tara to do it..... (hint hint)

      Keep singing.... even if it is the blues!!

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