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508Mother -in-law Stories

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  • Gilane
    Sep 26, 2006
      Have I got a few horror stories for you!

      My mother-in-law has threatened to call Child Protection Services on
      me at least twice for "starving the kids". I had to take them to the
      doctor to prove that the children had in fact gained weight.

      My mother-in-law has threatened to take me to court to sue for
      Grandparents rights after refusing to visit the children for over one

      My mother-in-law decided that I had control over my husband and that I
      needed to "make him come home". When I said he was a "big boy, and
      can make decisions on his own", she replied that "he has the mantality
      of a 13 year old and is incapable of making his own decisions..."

      My mother-in-law tells other people that she thinks the SCA is
      satanic, but tells us that she fully supports us in our "chosen

      My mother-in-law stood up in front of the entire family at
      Thanksgiving one year and stated, "I am thankful for Gilane [my
      mundane name] because she thinks like a man..."

      My mother-in-law refuses to confirm our schedule before making plans
      for the whole family. She will simply call us and tell us when the
      party is and expect us to just show up, regardless of whether or not
      we had previous plans.

      My mother-in-law has been known to say that the only reason she
      accepts me is because God told her I was supposed to marry her son.

      The latest, and certainly not the least...

      My car had spun out its rod bearings and needed a new engine.
      Expensive to rebuild (approx $1500), much less replace (approx $5300).
      My mother-in-law said that she had a van that should take half the
      cost to fix (approx $800 - $1000). She only told me of a few things
      wrong with it, and said that it was in good condition. She said the
      deal was if we pay to fix it, she would sign it over. Now that we
      have cleaned it up, the total work done ($1800 already paid with $1300
      to go) comes to twice the amount it would have taken to fix the
      original car. Turns out there was WAY more wrong with it than she
      said. When we asked my father-in-law, he said they knew about the
      extra damage, but my mother-in-law specifically instructed him to say
      nothing. She lied to her own son in order to dump her problem into
      his lap. We are now stuck with not one, but two money pits; thanks to

      I tell people that I am "required" to love my mother-in-law; because
      if I didn't, I would strangle her. Am I insane to consider these
      issues? I would feel a lot better knowing I am not the only person
      having problems with my mother-in-law.

      Lady Donwenna Dwn
      Chirurgeon - Kingdom of Atenveldt
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