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474KNown World Apprentice Meet and Greet

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  • erlannordenskald
    Jul 31, 2006
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      Hi. The apprentices of the Known World are planning a get together at
      Pennsic. It's currently in the planning stages, however it's leaning
      towards Sunday 8/13 in the A&S area and sometime between 4-8 PM. You
      can get more information from the apprentice list if you desire, OR
      check in at A&S point when you get to war.

      Erlan Nordenskald
      Chancellor of the University
      Known World Choir Co-ordinator

      Thought some of you might be interested inthis... the musicians of the
      group are thinking of bringing instruments to play some music perhaps...
      it's looking more like 6:30 - 8 actually, after any choir rehearsals!!