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466RE: [KWChoir] Re: Pennsic performance questions

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  • Karen Kasper
    Jul 27, 2006
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      Thank you so much!

      Geffrei Maudeleyne <Geffrei@...> wrote:
      I have the bass parts in MP3 format. I might be able to convert others (I still need to make 7 T-tunics for Pennsic). I will see if I can put them in the files section of the group. I used Melody assistant and Virtual Singer so it is voice and music.

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      Subject: Re: [KWChoir] Re: Pennsic performance questions
      I am providing 1/2" three-ring black plastic binders, but I don't care as long as it's black.  :-)
      My music notation software, Noteworthy, can't produce mp3s and I do not have the software to turn midi's into mp3s.  At one point someone volunteered to do so, but it fell through.  If someone else on the list has software that will do that, please take note for the future!


      harpadillo <harpadillo@yahoo. com> wrote:
      I know this will sound nit-picky, but since I'm going out soon to buy my folder:
      loose leaf, report style, or "just as long as it's black"?
      Also, suggestion for future years:  The midis to practice to are GREAT!!!  I kinda wish there had been an mp3 option also so I could have downloaded it to my Palm Pilot (or an iPod if I had one).  Maybe next year?
      Niamh "I don't ask for much" Lachlainn

      mountainfern <FernsAndNettles@ Cox.net> wrote:
      Karen, Please bring a Black Folder to Pennsic for me. What is the

      Thanks, Norayn

      "... I will bring a few folders for people to buy at Pennsic, but if
      any of you who have downloaded music want to purchase folders from me,
      please let me know in advance so I can have enough available... "

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      Karen Kasper

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