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44Re: Te Deum

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  • daggett42
    Feb 29, 2004
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      Hey there
      I"m back from Florida, it was a great trip. My parents are always
      glad to see me.
      OK, regarding the Te Deum
      1) I DO have a recording of the Westminster Abbey Choir, it's a
      decent recording. I will attempt to put this in the files section.
      2) I have larynghittis. or however you spell it, VERY bad. I
      started to get sick during the week, sneezing and coughing and after
      I got off the plane on Saturday.........forget it, I have NO voice.

      So I won't be much help to ANYONE singing or even talking for a few
      days, which of course means that for Bardic, I will not be competing
      this year. So, you all are safe.........no need to worry <grin>

      THe Tropes will be rehearsing on Monday night in Oakland NJ on March
      8th and 22nd and Perhaps on the 29th as well. I will check with
      Isabeau on the schedule for Coronation, I believe that she will
      gather people together before the first Court to rehearse the piece.
      Performance time is only about 4 minutes if you only do it
      once.....tee hee

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