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37Re: Pennsic Choir

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  • erlannordenskald
    Feb 9, 2004
      Anne - just wondering if your site was ready with information for
      those interested in the Known World Choir at Pennsic? Music,
      registration info, that sort of thing, rehearsal schedule?????

      Also..for those who sang in "Music from the Court of Vlad the
      Impaler" in last year's (2003) choir, AND you are planning on
      attending the Coronation of the K & Q of the EAST in April in New
      Jersey, there is a request to sing the "Te Deum" that we performed at
      EK Court AND at the Concert. Please let me know if you're interested!
      The director for that day is Isabeau d'Orleans, director of
      the "Tropes" a vocal group from the Shire of the Rusted Woodlands.

      Erlan Nordenskald
      Director Emeritus
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