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  • Maria Foss
    Mar 11, 2006
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      With all due respect, Master Lazarus, but I'm not sure I agree with your conclusion that your recent comments were necessarily inappropriate in this public forum.  Certainly it would never be fair to single out a person for either comment or criticism before others if the situation at hand were controversial, or concerning intimate or personal matters which would never have been known except by the parties concerned.  In your situation, however, a significant portion of the issues were already public (or at any rate semi public) including the unfortunate reactions of both the singer and her father.   It was clear also that the opposing parties were already discussing the situation in public, and (perhaps naturally) reporting only their perspective on matters.  Moreover you never once mentioned the parties by name, nor spoke of the matter in an insulting or belittling manner.  I believe that you attempted to be as sensitive and as fair minded and objective throughout as is possible and to conduct yourself as a gentleman.  You chose the well being of many over that of an individual... a hard choice but once that ultimately many would feel was the correct one.  If your behavior fell short in any way of some ideal standard (and for the record, based on what I've read here, I can't see how it did!), it is only because like all of us you are merely human and as such, imperfect.
      I've been told I have a good voice, I read music and always try to do my best to fulfill what my director asks of me.  Even so I have still been singled out for correction a number of times over the years, sometimes in public by a testy and/or distracted people who were not taking pains to be sensitive.  I must admit that such correction can sting a  bit, but it was always quickly enough forgotten by me once we got back to the business at hand.  I  also learned that accepting criticism and letting go of a portion of your individual ego is a requirement for anyone seeking to join a group (especially a group set up to perform for the public) and moreover a reality we must all be prepared to accept.  Sometimes, it is good for us all to be reminded of this.
      Just my 4 cents worth... again.
      Lady Marea of Rosewood
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      It's a good point and one that I should have thought of before posting.  I
      regret that I made my statements in this public forum, and I see now that it
      was an inappropriate location.

      I was selfishly thinking only of my own indignation and I did not consider
      the effect the message could have on others, or even if the person in
      question was a member of the list.  It never occurred to me, but it should
      have.  I'm certainly old enough to know better.

      I'm sorry.  The appropriate topics for this list are "what's the music,
      where's it at, when do we sing?"

      Don Harrington
      Lazarus Artifex

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