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333Re: [KWChoir] Digest Number 153

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  • Vicki Wyan
    Mar 10, 2006
      Master Lazarus- Even from all the way over here in
      Drachenwald I could feel your anguish over this
      situation. As all the respondants have said so far
      this was your basic no win situation.

      From the reaction of both daddy's little girl and
      daddy maybe you were the first person in her life to
      be objective and honest about her (lack of) pitch.

      It's super swell to be all-inclusive, but if an
      individual is actually damaging to an organization
      (especially a performance group) then someone needs to
      be strong enough to stand up and say so. Besides
      which, the ability to carry a tune was a published

      I get the feeling that had you offered the lady in
      question an alternate role she would have been just as
      offended. For her sake I hope that her attitude
      changes about receiving help from others. She cannot
      grow as a human being unless she realizes that there's
      always room for improvement. I'd better get off my
      soapbox now.

      Sapphira (who hates to audition because she hates
      being rejected but does it anyway because what doesn't
      kill you makes you stronger)(and sometimes you don't
      get rejected :)

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