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329Re: [KWChoir] Troubling question

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  • Karen Kasper
    Mar 8, 2006
      Susanna, if you're the person I think I remember from that Pennsic, then the only thing wrong with your voice was that you were too shy and should have sung louder!  :-)
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      >         Lazurus, I'm so sorry that happened to you!  If I may gently add,
      > perhaps both of you could have done things differently.  I will say that
      > you handled your issue with maturity and concern for the good of the
      > group.  The youngster in question handled it with immaturity and
      > considered her own selfish needs first.  It sounds like a no-win
      > situation.  Bless the soprano ladies who considered "tutoring" her.
      >   I would like to add my own personal story.  I joined the KWC at Pennsic
      > 33 believing that I would open my mouth and everyone would stop and glare
      > at me until I slunk away in disgrace.  The sound of my own voice scares me
      > and I will drop a tune as fast as it takes a knight to get up after a
      > blow.  But thanks to Lady Anne's wonderful direction, and Lady Arriana's
      > wonderful soprano voice to follow, I not only was not asked to leave, but
      > was part of the best choral performance of my adult life.
      >   I truly hope that all directors will have the patience to bring out the
      > best in their participants -- even if they aren't all that good.
      >   Having said that, it doesn't sound as if that would have been possible
      > in your case.  Hopefully, this is the worst thing you will ever have to
      > deal with in a choral group.
      >   Yours in Service with $0.02 worth,
      >   Susanna Merrybegot

      Karen Kasper

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