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  • Karen Kasper
    Mar 1, 2006
      Ah, I misunderstood and thought it had been passed.
      As a rules geek, I must admit that I don't think that we should use it wholesale until it passes.  However, it can certainly go on the Pennsic Choir web page as "art."
      I like the idea of a fieldless badge.  That allows people to put whatever color works for them behind it, or for different wars to have different "signature" field colors.  Since I'm from AEthelmearc, I lean toward a red background for Pennsic, but YMMV.

      Maria Daggett <daggett42@...> wrote:

      Regarding Badge
        As I mentioned.. I JUST submitted it, so it has not appeared
      on our internal letters of intent yet, BUT,
      Since I am  a Herald but not great at blazons, we have this:

      Yes it is fieldless.

      I couldn't just register music notes, abstract charges didnt'
      work, so I put them on a book

      Fieldless, an open book proper with music notes.

      I have to get the Heralds to write it up properly, but that is
      how it was submitted.

      I went through some conflicts on the EK Heralds list prior to
      submitting the badge, so I think I took it through most problems
      already so I hope that it will pass.  It went through about 4
      changes already.

      I see no reason why not to use it and, if, after a while if it
      does NOT pass, then it's back to the drawing board.

      I was hoping to get some feedback,

      I am only one small cog in this choir, so, do you like it?  Can
      you use it? ya think?  does it suit us? 

      I tried to choose something that was simple, fieldless and with
      that, I thougth that we could use it as an actual badge or favor
      for each Kingdom. 

      In the east, our color is blue, so the badge might sit on a blue
      belt tag with the book outline in black, or even in white.  We
      could take artistic liberties of course once passed. 

      Ultimately I would like it to be familiar as a symbol to be used
      on web pages, programs, posters and the like, sort of like a



      Karen Kasper

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