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299members online- a message from your KWC Co-ordinator, Director Emeritas

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  • daggett42
    Jan 30, 2006
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      As starter of this group list, and Co-ordinator of the Choir, it is my
      honor to announce that this list has now 100 members. Wow. That's
      like amazing to me!

      Plans are well on the way for Estrella and for Pennsic and now we have
      the beginnings of our Lillies war.

      Gulf Wars KWC is still up in the air right now... however I am working
      on it. We need a new volunteer director for the Gulf Wars, should
      anyone in that area be interested, please contact me, Erlan off the list.

      On another note, a badge has been submitted for the Known World Choir.
      Very soon a picture will be added to the files section. It is my
      intention to use this badge for concert flyers, programs and also to
      use for promotional means. It will be for all the KWC, not just
      Pennsic, so ultimately, something will be made to display people's
      involvement, perhaps an actual badge, or a favor of some type. I hope
      that everyone who has every participated in the choir will be able to
      wear it on their person and I would be honored for you to do so.

      Thank you to all the directors, singers, organizers and participants
      and audience members that keep the Known World Choir up and running, I
      couldn't do it with out ALL of you. Thank you. Thank you!!

      In service,

      Erlandr Nordenskald, Co-ordinator of the Known World Choir.