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280Share Your Dream

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  • harpadillo
    Nov 14, 2005
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      Recently, my faith in the SCA has been shaken.  Instead of hiding, I felt it best to address it in a song. 
      The lyrics are attached in an RTF format.  I am getting the tune in place, and will be premiering it at Bardic Madness in the Midrealm on December 17, and I will make it generaly available soon after that.
      A problem cannot be addressed until it is brought to light.  Please bear these ideas in mind when you interact in the SCA, and feel free to pass these ideas along. 
      For those of you that do not live in the Midrealm, you can substitute "sapphire light" with "guiding light".  In the Midrealm we have an Award of the Sapphire Light for those who "embody the Dream".
      In my attempt to hold on to my Dream, I remain
      Niamh inghean Lachlainn
      aka Gwyn Singer

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