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  • daggett42
    Jan 22, 2004
      OKY, now every one should be able to see every one's
      profiles........just members of course.......

      Since I am the owner and moderator of this list, anytime there is
      ANYTHING that seems like it's wrong or what ever.......just e mail me
      here on the list or off and I"ll take care of it.

      the next step for me is to start building a files section full of

      I use Sibelius, and an older Voyetra program called Music Write. I
      know that Noteworthy is free and idiot proof, apparantly, but I don't
      have it yet.

      It would be great to have files in there, so that is what I"m about
      to set upon doing. ANy feed back on method's for writing music,
      keeping things here on line and easy to read would be great.

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