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247RE: [KWChoir] Performaing arts questions

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  • Maria Foss
    Sep 6, 2005
      Though it turns out I was not able to participate (due to a flare up of my asthma and some family responsibilities) from the one rehersal I managed to attend I did note the following:
          - I found that it was more difficult than I thought it would be to learn/run through my individual voice part when there are three other voices doing the same thing at the same time under the same tent.  Perhaps some way might be found to separate the sections enough to minimize this?  Perhaps rehearse sections first separately for the first hour and then bring us together in the second?  Just a thought.
          - It might simplify things for our director if she (or an assistant) could pick out the melodies on some type of keyboard  - or perhaps a harp - in any case a single instrument offering a range which could accomodate all our voices.  I love the sound of recorders, but having to switch between different ones to play a few measures in the right octave can't have been easy.
          - In may be beneficial for our director to find an dedicated accompanist for this purpose, freeing her to focus on the singers rather than having to split her attention up.
          - My pardon if any of these measures were attempted in those rehersals I was not able to attend.
      Humbly submitted,
      Marea Veronica d'Estoile of Rosewood
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      Hey gang
         I'm doing some post pennsic space and rehearsal suggestions to the
      powers that be.
        Are there any comments on rehearsals? space? use of tents?
      scheduling that you would like to make that I can put into my "post
      mortem" for the A&S crew?
        Now is the time to make postive and negative comments!!!!



      PS, this might make all things a better experience for next year


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